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                                    Digital Marketing Trends

As technological advancements occur, it transforms the digital marketing landscape always. Therefore as a digital marketing agency, you have to be ahead of the curve.A digital marketing company that is out of date with the latest digital marketing trends is limiting the brand in both reach and repletion of the company. Here are the existing Digital Marketing trends in the market.

Social Commerce.

Well, in 2020, most people do interact with the phone on the social media platform as compared to their laptops. Now there something positive in 2020 about social media on your business. Most of the social media platforms have shopping carts. Therefore as a business, you have to introduce shop-able posts on the social media platform. This is practice is the social commerce.

Direct messaging.

Direct messaging is the way that top brands are embracing. This ensures that they become more personal with their customers. This is the in demand digital marketing trend that is streamlining customer services in sales.


Influencer marketing has been in existence for some years now, but in 2020 it has taken another shape and direction. We have social media influencers whom you can use, and they do pay big in marketing your services and products online. Despite that, they are usually expensive. As a small business, always go for the small or medium social media influencer. This trend is the cheapest thus saving you some few dollars.

Social media channels.

Since Twitter and Facebook have started declining based on user growth, you must start thinking for an alternative. This is alternative is none other than the Social media channels. Its time you start stamping your presence in the secondary sites for now. In particular, you have to consider Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, and Medium.

Programmatic Advertising.

Programmatic advertising is all about the use of AI and machine learning algorithms. They will create the necessary adverts and help you optimise your online advertising campaign. Thus start investing in software such as; marketing cloud and SmartyAds.

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    November 15, 2022

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