AI (Artificial intelligence) is an engineered science that a machine or Computer systems are trained with, providing large amounts of labeled training data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to make predictions about future states to mimic the behavior of Human beings. AI doesn’t just compute information but it responds to it too and Artificial intelligence is insanely growing in every industry including Digital Marketing. The accuracy of using the data provided to it makes it easier in digital marketing to provide recommendations to users and customers and Lots of other work.

1) ChatBots:- 

Chatbots are designed to mimic the conversation like real humans with users and customers to solve their problems, help them out for their needs and can hold a conversation like humans and they are functionable on apps, websites, SMS and emails. Chatbots reply to the customers in real time and also make product suggestions that help users. For example, many E-commerce and food delivering websites are using chatbots to help customers place orders, select items of their choices, reorder their favorite food and contact their support team, etc.

Chatbots are also helping humans in real day to day life from setting alarms to planning the entire day, from reminding dates to playing songs , making calls, sending messages etc. Some of its examples are Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and many more. 

2) Voice Search:- 

Voice search is one of the most successful areas that AI have adopted till now and with that voice search is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Google algorithm of voice search has an accuracy of 95% which is nearly to the perfection at human level. Most of the virtual assistants work on voice search such as Siri, Alexa etc. Voice search has advanced to speech-to-text that makes texting and messaging way easier. 

Many big companies like Amazon, Google, Flipkart, have already included voice search on their websites and apps to help customers and users search results quicker and answers being delivered way quicker. In upcoming years most of the searches on the internet will be based on voice search and that makes the voice search more beneficial to Digital marketing, customers and users will get their desired results and outputs just by saying what they want. 

3) Personalized User Suggestions/Recommendations:- 

Most of the retailers and ecommerce websites are using AI to keep track of their customers’ preferences, searches, habits, and buying behavior. These insights help them make suggestions on products and services that their customers may be interested in, it’s like a virtual upsell from a software program. For Example, Amazon, Netflix etc. use AI ability to predict and analyze data is way more accurate from humans and these can provide valuable marketing data to the companies quicker. With this information, companies can do more than just customize their user experience – they can also use the feedback to improve their marketing strategy, products, and services to appeal to their audience and increase sales. It will also ensure faster problem-solving for consumers. 

4)Image Recognition:- 

AI image recognition or Visual recognition is the latest technology to be introduced, it’s been here for a while and is exciting and most of the users and customers are familiar with it. For example, Facebook image recognition helps users to tag their friends by recognising their faces in the pictures that have been uploaded and this is a great user experience. Image recognition searches are also getting popular like users can take snaps of a product they want and receive details about where they can purchase it, how much it costs, and even view online ratings. 

Some of the websites also allow users to post pictures of their desired outfit or meal and show them results with the help of virtual recognition searches. However, digital marketers can leverage AI image recognition technology in creating more accurate strategies. Since users nowadays post more images than text on social media, AI image recognition can help gather crucial information about the likes, interests, and habits of a user, just by analysing their images. 

5) Digital Advertising: 

Advertisements are the most important part of most marketing campaigns and advertising is one of the most successful areas of Artificial Intelligence, it uses internet and social media sites to provide the best possible experience. For example, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These platforms analyze users’ information, including gender, age, interests, demographics, and other aspects to show them the most relevant advertisements, improving the performance of digital ads. With AI tools like predictive ad content, companies can push targeted mobile and website advertisements to potential customers with content catered to their interests and this will improve the ad’s performance and improve the return on investment (ROI). 

With AI, marketers can also spot micro trends and possibly even predict new trends. Advertisers are better equipped to make strategic decisions pertaining to budget, targeting, and delivery of ads. The most trendy ways of advertising these days are memes and meme pages which cover a wide range of audience and are way cheaper than traditional ways of advertisement. This way companies can reduce the cost spent on advertisement and can reach their targeted audience easily. 


 With such accuracy and easy process, AI is taking over the human role of analyzing marketing trends and in most cases, even automating most digital marketing services. By enhancing the user experience, taking the guesswork out of marketing, increasing conversion rates, providing a better understanding of the audience and AI is now more accessible for businesses, making it a valuable tool for digital marketers. It is irrefutable that AI largely influences the choices of your customers, helping to provide relevant recommendations and timely customer service. AI is taking control over humans and it has a very bright future in this Digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AI can improve digital marketing in many ways. For example, it can help companies gather more data about prospects and customers, then use that data to predict future behavior and develop more targeted messaging. AI can also reduce the risk of customer churn by identifying patterns of behavior that are likely to lead to customers leaving. With AI technology, marketers can spot microtrends and even predict trends, which allows them to make strategic decisions about where they allocate resources. AI’s data-driven research may also help companies develop a more effective marketing approach. Finally, artificial intelligence enables marketers to customize email marketing campaigns and enhance their SEO marketing services depending on the target audience.

AI will not replace digital marketers, but it can help them by providing valuable insights and automating certain tasks . It is important to combine the power of AI with human expertise to create effective marketing campaigns.

AI can help with marketing in many ways, but three main examples include:• Personalizing content and improving user experience

  • Making data-driven decisions based on data analysis
  • Improving market research by collecting relevant data and mapping it to business goals

Here are five emerging digital marketing strategies to try in 2023:

  • Short videos
  • Simple, clear messages
  • Facebook advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Personalized marketing