Digital marketing has become a vast platform for everyone, whether you are a seller, a buyer or a viewer.

Everybody wants to be digitalized in order to build up their businesses and make them a brand face.

 To do all this you need someone who can guide you all about digital marketing.

So , here we present to you the  A to Z guide of digital marketing.

Let’s go to the digital world!


·     A for Audience

They are the people who you have to reach out for selling your products and increasing your reach.

Growth only depends on having the right and organic audience.

·     B for Brand Awareness

Brand awareness basically means how many people know about your product or your brand or your service.

This is the reason why people are going through digitalisation in order to be a brand .

You can make your product a brand through advertising, campaigns, promotions etc.

·     C for cost per click

This term is often heard in the way of advertising. This basically emphasizes that how much money you get from a click on your website. 

·     D for Distribution Channels

This is how you reach out to your people through messages. It can be on social media, emails, text messages or even a call etc. 

·     E for Email Marketing

This is probably the best way of reaching out to your customers.

You let them know about your coming products , offers through emails. 

·     F for Facebook Marketing

Facebook being a prominent social site currently has millions of users.

Many people use them as a chatting site but a digital marketer uses this platform as a chance to gain more and more clients.

You can sell out your product through advertisements,messages etc on it

·     G for google is your friend

GIYF a term used in chats and forums, is now in trend.

What can be more powerful than google on the internet.

Digital marketers use this as their powerful weapon. 

·     H for hashtags

Hashtags play a major role in making your product have a great number of reach. Choosing right and prominent used hashtags which particularly belong to your defined niche is the best way to digitalized. 

·     I for Instagram marketing

Instagram has reached up to millions of followers in the last two years and gained an image of the second most prominent social site after Facebook.

As it is a growing site where every second millions of peoples are joining, one can easily market their products in it.

·     J for java script

It is a programming script which makes you use your website with ease and comfortably.

It helps you in programming the website in the way you want. 

·     K for keywords.

They are a group of words which makes your website ranked on google.

SEO is the best example to show how a normal product or a normal businesses have gained so much of customers that it have become a brand by just using the keywords. 

·     L for landing pages

It is the first page a person sees when they visit your website.

By the use of this you can make people land on the page you want. 

·     M for metadata

Metadata is data which explains about your website.

In other words , they tell you about why this website is made, what its use is , its title, its description everything.

 ·     N for natural listings

This is an organic listing a search engine provides according to the content you provide on your website

Although it is non advertised listings, as many of the search engines charge to put your name in the listings.

 ·     O for Outbound links

These are the links on your website which take your users from a website page to another website page.

It can be for your website or for other websites.

·     P for pay per click

This is the cost an advertiser pay for clicking on their advertisement.

These are basically based on the earnings and May not be organic people

Google AdSense is the perfect example of pay per click 

·     Q for quality check

Every search engine has an eye on every website running on their platform. They check their content, found whether if it’s relevant to other page on your sites or not and then rank your website in the list. 

 ·     R for return on investments

The most prominent term used in the field of digital marketing is ROI.

It basically means how much return you get from the product on which you have invested your money.

In other words, it is simply the profit carried out. 

·     S for SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is the best thing to rank your website in one of the best sites all over the world.

It is basically based on how you use your keywords to make your content better. Once you learn how to use this then traffic will automatically increase. 

·     T for targeting

This is what is called targeting the audience.

When your product is introduced in the market you need to find the authentic or right audience for your product.

As this is what increases your product value. 

·     U for UI and UX

This basically works on the layout of your website.

UI handles the look of your website while UX handles colour, shapes or any other things used in the website. 

·     V for video marketing

Living in a digital era, where everything comes up with how you present your product. Digital marketers have found a new way in which they introduce and tell everything about their product through videos and this is how they are growing more now.

 ·     W for WordPress

It is a site basically developed for blogs, but now it has become a prominent place for marketing.

Many of them describes their products and attach their descriptions while selling, to make out all this WordPress is used. 

·     X for XML

It is basically a file where every information about your website is captured. About how it is working, how many people are viewing each and everything which makes the work of google easy to mark-up your site. 

·     Y for YouTube marketing

YouTube is the best engaging platform in today’s era.

Where everything is being digitalized this is what helps a common man to put out their products and give them an attention

 ·     Z for Z index

This is used to maintain your position and to lookout and fix issues on your website which automatically results in giving a better position to your website.

 This is what is called the A-Z guide of digital marketing.

If you are having any query about digital marketing.

We will help you out in this by doing every possible way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Digital marketing is the process of creating, delivering, and measuring the impact of marketing communications and actions across digital channels. 

Some of the most common terms associated with digital marketing include: 

-Search engine optimization (SEO)


-Social media: Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

-Mobile marketing: 

-Web design:

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to learn marketing may vary depending on your background, experience, and goals. However, some tips on how to learn marketing from A to Z include researching different terms and concepts, learning digital marketing basics, and using a marketing glossary.

Digital marketing is a process whereby companies use digital technologies to reach and engage customers. Digital marketing includes online advertising, online customer service, online lead generation, e-commerce, social media marketing and mobile marketing. There is a growing trend of digital marketing being integrated with other marketing strategies such as customer relationship management (CRM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

There are several benefits to using digital marketing techniques. First, digital marketing is cost-effective. Second, it can be tailored to reach the target audience more efficiently. Third, it can be delivered through various channels, including the internet, mobile phones and television. Fourth, it can be used to create brand awareness and build trust with customers. Fifth, it can help increase sales and reduce customer churn rates. Sixth, it can create a positive customer experience.