Web Development Vs Webdesign
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Web development vs Webdesign

When you check on Google Analytics, you will realise that businesses are in search of both Web development company and web design company. These terms are often interchanged as “web companies.”

This is wrong because the two terms are entirely different. Let us explain Web development vs Webdesign in a nutshell.A legit web development company will offer both development and design. That is why they are commonly referred to as website design and development. Well, let’s dive and try addressing the two fields of web making process.

Web Development.

Website developers from a website development company usually do web development. Once the website has been designed, the web developer will take the design and convert it into a functional website. This is achieved by the use of CSS, HTML, PHP. Javascript and other programming languages.

There are several roles that a developer does play. This includes;

• The Back-end developer

Back end is the core structure of a website, and developers use complex software such as Java, C#, And SQL. Since their work involves a lot of coding, the end-user of the website might not see it.

Front end developer

They use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to create things that users can see. This includes client lead forms. These website developers do have the coding skills needed to build frameworks that the users can interact with.

• Full Stack developer

They are responsible for working across different layers or stacks that include both the front and back end.

Web Designer
The main work of a web designer is to make your web site look beautiful. Their focus on style has an overall impact on the feel of the page. Web site designers specialise in using software such as Photoshop to customise the visual elements of the website. They also have coding skills such as the use of HTML and CSS in creating their design. The following are some of their roles at a glance.

• User Experience (UX) Designer.
• User interface (UI) Designer.
• Visual designer

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Both web development and web designing are important for getting the most out of your website. Web development focuses more on the functionality of your website, while web designing focuses more on the aesthetics, user experience, and overall visual appeal. That being said, for a successful online presence both should be taken into account. Choosing between web development and web design is really about understanding which aspects you want to focus on for your website.

Yes, a web designer can also be a web developer. It means that the individual is well-versed both in web design and development. Web design entails graphical user interface design, user experience design, and layout design while web development is focused on coding and build up the website from scratch using programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Ultimately, it depends on the skillset of the individual but with the right knowledge, a web designer can learn to become a web developer too.

While both web designer and web developer roles can be lucrative, web developers will generally earn more than web designers. Web developers are responsible for coding applications, which often require more technical skills and experience than the design aspects of a website. Developers also create systems that help improve the functionality of websites.