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Did you know that most of the google search traffic goes to the listings on the first page? To have your website ranking on the first page  all you need is quality and unique content, – and also the website should at least be in the top tier results to even receive any significant traffic at all. So you might be wondering how to be on the first page listings?

SEO plays a vital role in it. SEO refers to SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION with a wide range of strategies that can be used to boost your position in rankings.

And in this article, we will be providing you with the best SEO hacks that can drive results for your business. 

1. Long-tail Keywords

The best website optimization hack is to begin utilizing great words and phrases called keywords. To have a decent shot at positioning for any Google rankings, one should target specific words and catchphrases that individuals look for and also include them in the main content. Significantly, you pick the correct keywords. 

Long-tail keywords are words and phrases that are a few words in length rather than just as a small word. Long-tail keywords are the best keywords to target since they have a particular search intent, so when clients search them, you understand what they’re looking for. 

2. Website Structure.

Now that we have learned about the importance of using specific keywords, the next best thing to come through is website structure. When you build or create a website, the structure of the site plays an actionable part. Structuring your website will help the search engines to index your URLs and help increase the traffic to your site.

Structuring a website deals with how you present your content grouped and arranged and linked to the user. Also, it deals with UX. If the users see that your site is well presented and can be navigated easily, it will influence them to give a better rating which will in return increase your ranking position. 

3. Image Optimization.

You have to keep in mind that the text on your website is not the only one to focus on. One should take the time to give importance to image optimization.

The way to optimize images on your website is to compress them and also to only add relatable and necessary images. For instance, when the images you used are large and are not related to the text – one, it’ll slow down your page load speed and which will lead the users to hit the back button. So while adding images, add them carefully as they will affect the ranking results.

 4. Setting up Google Business

The greater part of your SEO strategies should focus on creating quality content. But, there’s another method to show up naturally in google listings too and that is Google My Business. When you create a profile for your organization in Google My Business, there is a majority chance of your website being on the first page. 

Google My Business allows you to share data like your area, contact data, and working hours. Google will show this data in local search lists when individuals look for a systematic yours around there.  By setting up Google my business you will lead more clients to your business page.

5. Responsive Design

The most critical Google positioning hacks to carry out is responsive design. Truth be told, it’s not simply a hack — it’s necessary. Responsive design is the place where you optimize your website in such a way that when opened on different gadgets such as a desktop, a mobile phone, or on television the content of the page looks the same.

The explanation of responsive design is so basic that Google listings depend on their mobile organization. Even if you develop the most perfect website out there with good and relatable quantity, it won’t rank on the first page if it’s not accessible by every other gadget out there. 

6. Using Quality Backlinks

Perhaps the best Google listing hacks is to utilize backlinks — certainly, adding links to your website is the best and easiest way to increase your google rankings. 

When adding backlinks to your content one should expect to gain a couple of top-notch backlinks for each piece of content you make on your site. At the point when Google sees that a trustworthy site has connected to you, it sees you as respectable too, and you go up in rankings.

Now that you know all these simple SEO hacks, you can set to work on giving your online marketing a boost and also increase your rankings.

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