Business transformation is an important term for making fundamental changes in how a business or an organization runs. This also includes all the processes and technologies. All these transformations help the organization run more efficiently and compete in a very better manner. Business transformations are bold which organizations make to bring change and growth beyond typical incremental advancements.

1. Importance of marketing automation:

The drastic rise of social networking completely humanized the web.

Playing online was nice and simple. You tweeted or published a Facebook post. You created some content and built organic distribution by increasing your followers on social networks.

It has become complex. More social networks, complex digital advertising options, and also different types of content.

Despite the concentration of power, there are still more social networks to play and interact with and new ones are popping up every day. The types of content and media you need to master have already gone way too past like the simple analog formats of print, radio, and television. Now we have some cool Interactive infographics, GIF’s and also augmented reality media just to name a few.

2. The sudden rise of artificial intelligence:

The term “sudden rise of AI “ will excite some people and frighten others.

The only scary part people see here is that the world is taken over by some machines which mean losing their jobs. And the part that people love is the hardest work is being done by the machines. Artificial intelligence is becoming a need to improve and scale repetitive and boring human tasks.

So you guys know where this artificial intelligence is being used? Here are some

1. Deep learning technology which is woven into Facebook’s suggestions, Newsfeed algorithms, and also some trending topics

2. with the facial recognition tagging of friends on Facebook

3. To provide better job matching between business and candidate LinkedIn uses “AI”.

4. Pinterest uses the intelligence of the robots to boost image recognition and also to search

3. Live video keeps on booming:

In digital marketing Live streaming video is maybe the hottest trend now. Google+ was one of the first to introduce and implement these google hangouts was the greatest platform. But when Facebook “Live” was launched in the year 2015 to a limited audience of celebrities the game changed.

4. Influencer marketing is too important:

The rise of global topic tribes happened only because of the social web.

Bloggers created various content on fashion, food, and thousands of other passions. They also built loyal followers and advocates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They constructed credibility and trust which is built on authentic content. But over time there is a sudden rise in usage of mobile apps which has become a better challenge for marketers so to keep up with the sudden change here are some tips you need to follow:

1. Hire some geeks that can read the data so that it allows you to keep iterating and also adapting.

2. Use automation to scale and also manage the complexity

3. Always keep an eye on tools that use artificial intelligence.

4. Experiment and then implement what works.

5. Keep learning. Continuous education is a lot more essential.

5. The growing concentration of power and revenue:

There are many platforms, apps, and also tools that we all use randomly to create and market our brands. But since the trend towards paid digital advertising accelerates Google and Facebook are becoming in effect a duopoly. Google and Facebook between them share 90% of the growth.

Google will continue to dominate this concept of search advertising with an estimated $28.55 billion of spend and Facebook will dominate display with a projected $16.33 billion while Google’s will be only $5.24 billion.3.

We all know that trust is a big factor in who and what we believe. Marketing is also not so different. Facebook has recently reported that its video metrics were inflated and YouTube (Google) has been running questionable ads next to brand content. The rise of this kind of fake news, alternate truth, and the domination of the walled gardens of Facebook and Google’s hesitation to provide transparency on their data is also reducing trust in the areas like data reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the latest digital marketing trends in 2023 include:

  • Social media and influencer marketing • The metaverse and virtual reality • Artificial intelligence •Short videos • Gathering zero-party data through form building • Email marketing automation

According to various sources, some digital marketing trends that are expected to change in 2023 include:

  • Increased investment in influencer marketing • The use of the metaverse for advertising • More proactive gathering of intel through various channels • User-generated content and short educational videos • Artificial intelligence tools such as chatbots and voice assistants

According to various sources, some of the most effective digital marketing strategies in 2023 will include:

  • Anticipation marketing and personalization • The metaverse • Artificial intelligence • Gathering intel through proactive means • Website personalization and SEO • Influencer marketing and mobile-first marketing

There are many types of digital marketing, but some of the most popular include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing • Email marketing