With geofencing marketing, which allows businesses to target certain potential clients inside a defined geographic area, mobile marketing has advanced to a new level. What is geofencing meaning? How much does geofencing cost in India? What is the future of geofencing marketing in india? What is geofencing and how does it work? We will answer all these questions in this article.

 A virtual boundary is created by geofencing around a business location utilising a variety of technologies, such as:


An individual’s location can be precisely triangulated using the Global Positioning System, a circling network of satellites.

IDs for radio frequencies

Small computer chips used in Bluetooth technology use radio waves to connect to one another.

Apps are informed when you approach or depart a location using this technology, which integrates with location services in smartphones. It makes use of a Bluetooth signal to detect when you are near a beacon, such as a cash register in a store.

Although geofencing has been around for a while, its value as a marketing tool for business owners has greatly increased with the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices.

For mobile users, geofencing opens up a world of possibilities, including interactive shopping lists (and milk reminders), home security systems, garage door openers, automatic coffee makers, limited-time deals for your favourite restaurants, or recommendations for new restaurants you haven’t tried yet. Push alerts and mobile adverts that can be connected to a company location are the main emphasis for marketers.

Without a doubt, location-based, hyper-targeted marketing will be the upcoming big thing in online advertising. The time has come to begin. Let’s first examine the geofencing benefits:-

Geofencing is undoubtedly a useful tool, but internet marketing may stand to gain the most from it since it enables marketers to focus their efforts locally. Here are a few advantages of using geofencing in marketing.

Boost Local Sales

For the majority of firms, local optimization—or the capacity to score highly in local searches—is quite beneficial (and their SEO). You should research geofencing if you’re working to boost local performance. Since it is a location-based solution, you can target nearby clients in a certain region. Sending promotions to customers in your vicinity via push notifications is one way to achieve this. Each day’s promos can be simply changed, or you can have offers that are only available for local customers.

Increased Analytics and Metric Analysis Tools

It might be challenging to quantify local sales. What caused a customer to enter your store? It may be challenging to link this to your online efforts if you are unable to poll every customer who enters your establishment. However, there are a variety of metrics you can track whether customers are coming to your store as a result of your geofencing campaigns, including their purchases, the length of time they spend in your store, and the frequency of their visits. All of this can be useful data that gives your analytics more depth.

Give customers personalization

The ability to gather information to tailor consumer offerings is another advantage of geofencing. It provides you with information on the local population’s demographics, including the kinds of offers that appeal to them and draw them into your store. You can adjust your promotions if you see from purchase data that local clients like a particular brand. An app and GPS coordinates are all you need to get started with geofencing. Take the appropriate steps to let your present social audience know that you are now actively pushing out geofencing promotions because, as I indicated earlier, not every consumer has the ability to use this on their phone (at least not yet).

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Geofencing is a digital marketing technique that targets users based on their geographic location. Through geofencing, businesses can design virtual fences around physical locations like malls, stores, or other points of interest and deliver targeted content to customers when they enter the designated area.

Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing strategy that uses GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual boundary around a specific geographic area. An example of this could be a mobile app that sends out a notification to customers when they enter a particular store’s geofence. The notification could include a discount or special offer for that store. This type of geotargeted promotion is an effective way to increase traffic to local business locations and generate sales activity.

In terms of effectiveness, geofencing marketing has been known to deliver impressive results due to its hyper-local focus and ability to capture customer attention while they are in close proximity to purchasing something from your business. In addition, this form of digital marketing offers higher conversions than most traditional forms since you know that customers who have received your message are likely already interested in what your business has to offer them (otherwise why else would they be near it?

When it comes down ot how it works, geofencing leverages GPS technology on mobile devices within certain boundaries or limits defined by marketers through software platforms such as Google Maps API v3 or Radar SDK platforms. By setting up geo parameters such as location radius size and defining behaviors like entering/exiting zones—marketers can create rules which determine when messages should be triggered off so that only users who satisfy all criteria will actually receive notifications related with current campaigns setup by Joomla developers ones implementing services like Joomla web development etc..