Interactive content is one when the audience is actively inspired to interact with the content that they’re overwhelmed with. This might be as straightforward as sharing queries on a live webinar, employing a tool or calculator, or collaborating on a quiz. 

Interactive content in digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to interact with your audience and enhance the client’s expertise,” Interactive content permits the reader to actively participate, as critical passively reading, observation or listening.” There are many different types of Interactive content, some of them are- 

1. Contests:-

 If you’ve got prizes that users wish, associated with an audience that may share your campaign, a contest may be one of the simplest forms of interactive content. Not solely can it grow whole awareness and have interaction the lots on social media.

 2. Polls and Surveys:-

Polls and surveys square measure a number of the foremost normally used kinds of interactive content, particularly on social media. you’ll be able to quickly set them up and equip them to gather helpful info from your audiences such as customer feedback, purchasing preferences, and audience insights.

 3. Calculators:- 

Interactive calculators area units engineered to unravel specific issues and supply immediate answers – giving users instant gratification. The character of this style makes this kind of interactive content excellent for lead generation because it will give fast wins for individuals within the middle stage of the buyer’s journey. 

4. Assessments:- 

An assessment may be a style of interactive content during which the user answers multiple queries in exchange for valuable insights supported by the subject matter of the queries. It’s an objective sort of obtaining quality feedback.

 5. Interactive videos:- 

Videos aren’t essentially budget-friendly formats of content. However, if you would like to push boundaries and take your content to a subsequent level, potentialities square measure setting out to present your audience content that permits them to be full management.

 6. Interactive Infographics:- 

Creating interactive infographics can demand longer and more energy, however, the pay-off is worthwhile, as you will have compelling content items that attract additional attention and generate additional social shares.

 7. Interactive EBooks and Emails:- 

E-books-associated white papers pack an abundance of data into a terse, compact style. However in this lies the matter, as contemporary customers wish for a simple ride to instant gratification. You can embody interactive components in your email, like embedding videos, polls, charts, games, and additional to drive higher open rates and engagement.

 8. Product recommendations:- 

Nowadays, just about every online shopper uses some type of product recommendation engine. The retail juggernaut attributes a big portion of its financial gain to customized product recommendations, that area unit driven by computer science and machine learning-based algorithms.

9. Augmented Reality:- 

Where users wear VR headsets to immerse themselves in a very virtual world. Superimposed graphics on a real-world setting and a mixing of VR and AR, providing interactive content that folks will manipulate. Eg:- Filters, video games, etc.

 10. Image Sliders:- 

Images on their own are impactful, particularly after they are showing a comparison or a lot of things. But one of the common frustrations with this visual is that our eyes are usually drawn to the when, even before we’ve checked out the before, and that’s a benefit. One of the best online social media platforms available these days on the internet for interactive content digital marketing is Instagram. You can create motion videos, tap play games, do quizzes, ask me a question, create stories with pictures and puzzles, carousel, etc. And users and followers are very active and play and participate in such interactive content very efficiently and actively and these kinds of interactive content are most trendy these days. 

This interactive content can also be used on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc. You can also put all this available interactive content for digital marketing on your website’s landing page. A user or visitor can interact before going further on the website and that will boost your interaction over the website. These all available interactive content types are also counted as examples of Integrative content.

 There are many tools available there to create interactive content, some of them are listed below:- 

1. Involve. Me

2. Outgrow 

3. Zembula 

4. ContentTools 

5. Qzzr

6. Mapme

7. ThingLink

8. Ceros

 Interactive content remains coming back into its own as a well-liked kind. These items have the distinctive ability to be personal while still reaching an outsized audience, and that’s why they’ve garnered such large traffic. By following easy best practices, you’ll be able to produce a tremendous piece that blows up traffic on your website.

Interactive content is any type of content that allows users to interact with it in some way – for example, by completing activities or playing games. Examples of interactive content include quizzes, surveys, polls, online calculators and assessments, virtual tours or product demos. It also includes tools that allow users to customize products such as t-shirts or shoes.

Types of interactive content can be broken down into several categories: Interactive Videos: These videos incorporate elements such as clickable links and hotspots that allow viewers to jump ahead if they want more information on a certain topic; Infographics: These are data-rich visuals designed to explain complex topics in an easily digestible format; Interactive Quizzes and Polls: Fun quizzes help keep people engaged while gathering valuable insights from your target audience; Calculators and Assessments: From calorie trackers to home loan calculators — these give visitors personalized results based on their input; Virtual Tours & Product Demos: 3D environments recreate the feeling of being in a physical space (such as a museum) without the need for travel expenses or time off work.

An interactive example is a type of online content that allows users to explore and interact with the content in ways that are both engaging and informative. For example, an interactive example might allow users to explore data visualizations or hear audio recordings that provide more detailed information about the topic being discussed. Interactive examples are a great way to make complex information easy to understand and navigate, and they can be used to engage and educate users of all levels of expertise.

If you’re looking for ways to make your own content more interactive, here are some tips you can use. Firstly, create engaging questions throughout – instead of long blocks of text which readers may skim over quickly; also add audio files alongside visuals so people have the option of listening rather than reading if desired; choose topics with natural opportunities for user interaction – brainstorm ideas based around problem solving tasks or gamification mechanics like rewards points systems – these all support engagement levels; finally provide feedback options such as comments sections which facilitate conversations between users on similar interests/topics.