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Social Media Management is the process of increasing the awareness of the brand, product, or any event by using multiple social media platforms to generate publicity. It includes social media sites, blogging sites, and videos. It connects customers and attracts visitors through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It helps in generating leads for the business in a highly competitive world.

Search Engine optimization upgrades the visibility of the website on the search engine results using SMO services. It comprises of optimizing the website, adding keywords in the title, content, and description. It is the marketing of web content via the search engine results page (SERP) to increase the traffic.

Features of SMM (Social Media Management)

SMM services are being widely used in the digital world. There are several features of SMM. These features help to promote the brand, product, or services in a small and descriptive form.

• It manages all the social media accounts on various platforms and maintains every profile actively, which connects with customers.
• It entertains customers by engaging them with contests and try to gather their attention with their information.
• It gives equal opportunities to customers or the audience to discuss new ideas or their feedback, which are relevant.
• Reach of blogs from these platforms engages numerous eyes.

Types of SMM

These all are various types of SMO’s that work simultaneously.
• Social Media networks.
• Bookmarking sites.
• Social news
• Media Sharing
• Micro-blogging

How to do SMM?

• Integrate social media on the website.
• Showcase keywords on the website to attain the attention of the customer.
• Increase the follower base on social media accounts and shift them towards business.
• Encourage external inbound links.
• Optimize the searches of the post.
• Update the quality content and share it everywhere.
• Use headlines, images, hashtags, etc.
• Optimize your schedule.
• Track and improve with social media analytics.

This all includes in a small form in Social Media Strategy, its types, and services and how it is different from SEO. They both entertain different goals from each other, but both have the same vision, i.e., is to attain the maximum number of people.

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