Twitter introduced on June 9 a feature named Fleets for both  Android and iOS platforms. Twitter  Fleets allows its users to share a memory or their thoughts using multimedia or text, which disappears in a day. The Stories inspired this feature on other social media platforms such as  Instagram and Facebook.


What are Twitter Fleets?


Generally, Twitter is all about individuals expressing their perspectives, connecting in with others by liking a post, ‘loving’ it or showing support by retweeting a post. Fleeting Tweets,” likewise called Twitter fleets, are not like your regular tweet we like or retweet daily; fleets disappear following 24 hours and can’t be retweeted, loved, or open for public remarks. A client’s Fleets will show up at the highest point of their home page just like your  Instagram Stories, and any individual who can get to your profile can discover your Fleets there.


How do they affect businesses?


This feature can be most benefited by those selves or organizations who don’t effectively post or for those individuals who are not open to sharing endless tweets about their organization. These organizations can post a fleet and needn’t stress as it’ll vanish after a day. Brands can utilize this fleet to weave good, visual content on this miniature video to a blog stage.


Since it’s a short second video brand will have to come up with creative ideas on how they could stage their content. By using features like fleet, it’ll allow businesses to connect with their customers directly.


Also, it brings more freedom for brands and content makers to draw in with their customers, increase the value of their available content designs and bring in an urgency to make a decision. This feature would assist the advertisers with making significant announcements, conducting surveys, and also promoting their efforts.


Like Instagram stories and Snapchat stories feature, Twitter Fleets is also the most effective social media strategy hit in recent years.


Have you tried Twitter Fleets yet? If not, What are you waiting for!! Create your Twitter fleets and build your digital marketing!

Twitter recently announced that they are getting rid of their Fleets feature by early 2023. This move has understandably caused a lot of confusion and speculation amongst Twitter users, as many believe that the feature was popular among them and had significant potential to be explored further.

 Well firstly, it seems likely that they have seen more success with other features such as Moments and Listening Parties than with Fleets. Secondly, according to some reports, there were several technical issues associated with fleets which made it difficult for users to access them properly or enable certain fleting options – something which may have limited its reach and appeal. Finally, it’s also possible that Twitter simply felt the feature wasn’t being used in a way which supports their overall mission or message effectively enough for them to continue investing in its development.

While twitter fleets will no longer be around after 2023 unfortunately (at least in its current form), there is still plenty of time left before then so make sure you take advantage of them while you can! To enable twitter fleets on your own profile just click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the page then click “Fleet” – this will bring up a new page where you can compose your own fleet post directly from scratch! You can also attach images or videos if desired by clicking “add media.”

For those who are unfamiliar with what exactly ‘fleets’ are – they essentially serve as a temporary home for text posts, images and videos on the social network platform much like stories do on Instagram or Facebook. As it turns out however, not all of these objects could be enabled while using fleets which might explain why so many people seemed frustrated when using this particular product offering from Twitter.