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Content Management System, commonly abbreviated as CMS, is an application that is critical in the management of your web content. The app has the capability of allowing various contributors to create, edit, and publish content for you on your website. This is a widespread application in WordPress websites.

The essential features of CMS include;

 Content Creation; This is meant to allow several users to create and format content on your website.

 Content Storage; this feature allows content on your web page to be stored in a single place.

 Workflow management; workflow management is very critical in assigning privileges and responsibilities based on the roles. This includes creating roles such as authors, editors, and admins.
 Publishing; this feature allows you to make the content that you have created to be live.

Why Content Management Systems?

 Content Management System is highly collaborative. This one of the significant benefits of using it. Several users can log into your website and contribute to the content in the pages. This includes; posting of new content, scheduling of the content, and editing of the existing content.

 The other significant advantage of the CMS is that the contributors to your page don’t need to have programming skills. The contributors can upload and publish the content directly and easily.

 CMS reduces the reliance on front-end engineers to make changes to the website. This is because content can easily be published as quickly as possible.

There are several CMS in the market place, and before selecting the one, you need to do a thorough evaluation of the same. You need to have specific requirements before selecting one. If you are running an eCommerce platform, you need a CMS suited for that, and if you run a blogging platform, you also have to go for one that suites that. These specifics hugely vary depending on your company’s needs and requirements.

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