Growth hacking which is also known as “growth marketing” is the use of resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help grow, sell products, and gain exposure. A growth hacking mindset is helpful in e-commerce. With a persistent focus on growth, you can develop and run tests, campaigns, and programs that handle more online sales.

         There are many simple growth tactics you can use to fuel growth in your eCommerce business. Follow these easy tips, and you’ll quickly find the best strategies for scaling your online business.

1.Build a brand:

         Branding isn’t just your e-commerce start-up’s name or site design. Your brand is the impression you have on everyone. people should feel different when they visit your ecommerce store. If you can attain that, then you have your brand. A brand is essential when selling online. They sell better than unbranded products.

         Branding is what separates Coke from Pepsi, Amazon from Walmart, Google from Bing, and Apple from Samsung

2. Target and highlight your best customers and what they think :

The important part of marketing is knowing the people you want to reach. If you ask me who you should be reaching most on the internet, then my answer only would be “your best customers. “It doesn’t matter how attractive your ads and brand stories are — even the best marketing efforts aren’t as convincing as other customers’ recommendations.

         Customers love to hear from other buyers about their experience with a product before making any purchase. It makes them feel confident about their shopping decision since they can’t handle and look into everything through the online goods in person.

         Your best customers are people who continue to buy from you and generate most of your revenue. If you’ve been doing marketing for some time now, you should know who your best customers are. You can add more customer reviews to your online store. Product pages aren’t the only space for reviews — you can also add your business’ ratings to your homepage and About page to show buyers how happy people are with your brand.

  1. Create more quality content:

How do you compete with content marketing??? because Many businesses are creating lots of content online every second. That means fewer people will see your content, right?? you can overcome this problem by creating more content, I mean more quality content. Maybe you’re already creating the best content in your e-commerce niche. You should create even more.

         When I say quality content it means content that achieved more views that are above the average. Maybe you want more sales on your online store, then your content should help you achieve this goal. Creating more quality content is the most powerful e-commerce growth hack.

         It also helps in driving new traffic to your company site. It builds trust in your brand. It can also help with the all-important conversions. Without a good content strategy, there are many dangers like, your content will lack focus and purpose, and you’ll confuse and turn off your best customers

  1. Personalize your Service:

         Every business is doing its best to provide the best service to its customers, but only a few are trying to give personalized service to their shoppers and using this eCommerce growth hack.

         According to the report by Accenture, 91% of customers are more likely to buy from companies who remember them and provide relevant offers. Further, 83% of them are also willing to share their data in exchange for a personalized experience. Personalization makes customers feel more special and also improves their shopping experience.

         For better sales and also for the better experience of your customers personalize Product Pages Based on Location most e-commerce sites know where their visitors are coming from or where they want the products to be shipped. Then why shouldn’t we use this valuable information to provide more accurate results for our users?

         Customizing product pages based on location is a simple adjustment yet it very much improves the shopping experience. You can also make More Personal Recommendations Suggesting similar, related, or complementary items on product pages are almost a must-have for e-commerce sites nowadays. By adding a little personalization to your marketing, you can achieve higher conversions and many more sales revenues.

         Remember, your customers are desiring a more personalized shopping experience. And they’re willing to share personal information also in exchange.

  1. Send Thankyou Cards:

         Whether it’s a generous refund or a gift, buyers remember when you take that extra step to create an excellent shopping experience for them.

Sending handwritten thank you cards to new customers is an incredibly easy way to create customer joy. In a world full of automated, robotic support, this small gesture stands out to buyers as personal, thoughtful customer service. Feeling appreciated by your card, buyers are convinced to purchase again in the future and also tell others about your business which you thank your card’s benefits are two-fold: you keep your newest buyers happy and attract more customers to your business you can achieve this just by including a way to spread the word about your business.

5. Use Exit Intent-Pop-Ups:

         As an online marketer, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about how to drive more people to your store. So what are you doing to catch them before they leave your site?

You can use the exit-intent pop-ups trick-> which picks up web visitors who try to leave your website without buying anything. The main goal here is to change their minds by offering a discount on your products, or at least capture their email address so that you can attempt to nurture them through your sales channel.

As they’re trying to leave Consider which offers users would find the most attractive. A special discount that can be instantly applied to any products in your shop would be a good place to start for

e-commerce. A few popular options for setting up exit-intent pop-ups are sumo me, Bounce Exchange, and Gleam.

6. Don’t stop a/b testing:

         It’s very important to bear in mind that the best performing A/B tests are planned as well as executed well. A/B testing or split testing is the scientific way of arriving at the truth, or at least the best option in a given set of conditions.

Remember, A/B testing is no magic!

It is like going to the gym regularly to get results. You ought to be consistent enough to get the desired results while performing A/B tests for conversion optimization of your respective website.

         You use A/B Testing in eCommerce for Free Shipping, the secret is that you should never be charging your customers for shipping. Call to action or CTA is one of the most important factors when it comes to driving conversion at your e-commerce site.

         CTA buttons should be prominent, bold, and easy to find, besides having a smart placement on your website. you can test the CTA button for phrasing Usually, CTA is placed above the fold on the website. But as said, don’t assume and go only after best practices.

         Based on the business goals you have set, wording can prompt them to act. A/B tests your headline wording to figure out the most effective and attractive phrase that produces high conversion rates.         Be sure to use these eCommerce growth hacks at the right time, right place, and also at the right frequency. Using any hack too often may occupy you too much or too rarely may not give results as expected. The number one hack to successfully implement any eCommerce growth hacks or other strategies is to be consistent. Consistency is the key to growth and success and if you break the chain, you won’t be able to drive much longer. Think long, think big, and implement all these hacks right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The critical factor for the growth for e-commerce in India is the large target audience, numerous opportunities to sell, the growing economy, government initiatives, investment in logistics and warehouses, usage of debit cards for cashless transactions, unique or commoditized products, the influence of the internet leading to the development of e-commerce platforms, increased smartphone usage and convenient and economical payment options

 There are several sales growth for e-commerce, such as using a referral program, segmenting email marketing, remarketing and retargeting ads, contests, and giveaways, displaying social proof notifications, displaying trust badges, using exit-intent popups, optimizing the top menu for conversions, creating buyer FOMO with live customer metrics using a solution-focused SEO title, offering live chat support, making customers realize effort with innovative marketing and boosting sales with simple growth hacks such as identifying problem areas, researching the audience and learning from competitors’ mistakes.

  Companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb, PayPal, Instagram, and Mint have all used growth hacking to overgrow. Growth hacking can involve a variety of tactics, such as viral campaigns, A/B testing, and SEO optimization. Famous growth hacks include Facebook’s goal to acquire 200 million users in 12 months.

 Growth hacking is a process of testing and implementing marketing strategies that are focused on rapid business growth. It combines marketing, data, analytics, and technology to identify and exploit new growth opportunities. Growth hackers are involved in content marketing and analytics, diving deep into content performance and user responses. Growth hacking is not a substitute for digital marketing; they are closely related. Traditional digital marketing consists of SEO, PPC, email campaigns, et